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Background on racquetball. 


Racquetball is an active indoor sport played using a hollow rubber ball in a court, which could be indoor or outdoor. In general, the sport is viewed as a cross between tennis and handball because of some similarity in rules and equipment. However racquetball is unique. How did it originate? 


Joe Sobek, a US-based professional handball and tennis player, is credited for inventing the game in 1950. He introduced the game initially during the Greenwich YMCA. The development of racquetball was an outcome of his quest for a fast-paced type of sport that was both easy to learn and to play. During that time, racquetball was created as an alternative to the popular game of tennis.  


Before the start of the 1990s, total number of racquetball players in the US alone reached approximately 5.6 million.