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When exercising regularly it is important to stretch to prevent injury. Not only does stretching reduce the risk of injuries, it also builds your physical fitness and improves flexibility.

A light walk or running on a treadmill are a good way to warm your muscles up before stretching. Always warm up before stretching. You do not want to stretch a muscle that lacks blood flow. It is like trying to bend a dry sponge. The results may also be the same. After your warm up begin your stretch. Start slow and gradually increase your stretch as your muscles begin to relax. You want to hold each stretch for about 10 to 20 seconds and avoid bouncing up and down.

Finish with doing a minute windmill back and forth, shoulders rotating side to side, and hips rotation from side to side.



Triceps stretch  








Sitting Hamstring Stretch:



Piriformis Stretch:




Thigh Stretch:



Heel-cord stretch


wrist stretches