(Racquetball Glasses & Goggles)

Racquetballs can fly around the court with rates of over a hundred miles per hour.

Racquetballs fit into an eye socket perfectly.

Those 2 facts should immediately make you aware of how dangerous a racquetball game could be to an unprotected eye which is why eyewear is mandatory equipment for a game.

You should never ever consider playing racquetball(actually most sports) without non-breakable plastic eyewear that was specifically sanction for racquetball(or the sport you are playing).

 Watch this video. 

You’re wearing regular non-breakable glasses means nothing if a lens flies into your eye when it is hit with the force of a racquetball. Remember specifically sanction for racquetball is the key phrase for your racquetball glasses or goggles. Anything less and you are taking an unnecessary risk with your sight.

Of course, if you like pain and look good wearing an eye patch then playing racquetball without eye protection is for you.

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