?NAM - C'est Le Funk (2024)

Originally from Paris guitarist U-NAM delivers one gem after another. With The Past Builds The Future (2005), Back From the 80's (2007), Unanimity (2009) and Weekend in L.A. (A Tribute To George Benson) (2012) he set milestones of smooth jazz. His new album C'est Le Funk will be released on September 8th, 2014 in digital version, the physical follows on 15th.

Multi-instrumentalist U-NAM is joined on this project by Dwayne "Smitty" Smith and Darryl Williams (bass), Tim "TiO" Owens, Gennine Francis-Jackson (vocals) and Shannon Kennedy (vocals, saxophone and flutes), Michael White (drums), Denis Benarrosh (percussion), Bill Steinway (Fender Rhodes, Piano), Kim Hansen (Fender Rhodes and keyboards), Christian Martinez (trumpet), Raymond Gimenes and Maria Grigoryeva (strings).

After the release of the first single, C'est Le Funk, and after writing and producing RSVP featuring Donnie for James Day U-NAM had the idea to create this new album.Following thecollaboration between Daft Punk/Nile Rodgers, James asked him to do a "Chic" influenced-tune that heavily featured funky guitar.

U-NAM comments꞉ “A little expertise of mine sinceits what I've worked on developing most of my life. Nile Rodgers always been a big influence of mine as a guitar player, so with my own single "C'est Le Funk," I've tried to incorporate that "Chic" influence into a more Smooth Jazz song, using my jazz guitar signature sounds.

It was a fun little project and I've actually been really quite pleasantly surprised by the feedback. The song did really great in the charts and I've decided to do another single more influenced by the 80s Funk/Earth, Wind and Fire style. That second single, Something's Up reached the Top30 US Billboard Jazz Charts. Suddenly, everything clicked into place. For the album, I knew that I had to mix 80s Funk and my more jazzy influences, so I've decided to cover a few of my favorite Funk songs. Some of the songs may not be widely known but in my humble opinion, they are definitely Classics.″

The album kicks into high gear with Smoovin'. Where George Benson stopped with Give Me The Night, U-NAM takes over the torch. Guitar licks in Benson's style under layered with strings and horns are his trademarks. Something’s Up goes greatly with a fantastic stomping beat. Benson meets Chic le Freak is the quintessence of C’est Le Funk. Shannon Kennedy shines with a stylish sax input. On the third part the song gets a hot Latin flavor.

Franky Beverly and Maze performed Can’t Get Over You on their album Silky Soul. One of my all time favorites. U-NAM shares my preferences and delivers the second verse of this incredibly emotional song, of course with his famous embellishments. Keni Burke's hit Risin' To The Top is also a shining star of my musical past. U-NAM's interpretation is far better than a pure remix. This is a contemporary discovery!

Throwback Kid keeps this fantastic mood on fire. Whether rhythm guitar or melodic line U-NAM controls everything in admirable perfection. Just Like That is a wonderful tribute to the music of Benson in the time of the 70s and 80s. U-NAM is an avid admirer of Nile Rodgers and his music. So Chic's City Light is next in line. Of course, he gives this piece also his own character. With Starlight Lover he goes one better. Have a good Party Time!

Act Like You Know was the greatest hit of the funk group Fat Larry's Band. The song was used as soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. U-NAM features on his brilliant version the gifted singer Tim “TiO” Owens, who also appeared on his groundbreaking albumWeekend in L.A., which received high accolades.

Dive into the world of disco funk and George Benson's music on C'est Le Funk. With his fascinating guitar style U-NAM paints a vivid picture of the legendary 70s and 80s on a high contemporary level.

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Buy the album at Amazon.com Album Information

Title: C'est Le Funk
Artist: U-NAM
Year: 2014
Genre: Smooth Jazz

SkyTown Records


1. Smoovin’ (4:38)2. Something’s Up (4:44)3. C’est Le Funk Feat. NIVO DEUX (5:29)4. Can’t Get Over You (5:25)5. Risin’ To The Top (6:09)6. Throwback Kid (4:13)7. Just Like That (5:43)8. City Lights (4:38)9. Starlight Lover (5:27)10. Act Like You Know Feat. Tim “TiO” Owens (5:47)BONUS TRACKS: 11. Smoovin’ (Radio Edit) (4:00)12. Something’s Up (Summer Radio Edit) (3:40)

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?NAM - C'est Le Funk (2024)
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