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Court Shoes:


A player that plays even once in a while may try to get away with playing with non-specific court shoes. It is really a mistake. It's important that your shoes have great traction for those quick changes of direction. Getting the right court shoes to play racquetball is crucial to preventing injuries and performing your best. The wooden floors on racquetball can be slippery and athletic shoes that aren’t specifically designed for indoor courts just won't grip the court. Indoor court shoes are specially designed with a gum rubber outsole that provides top notch traction on the slippery court surfaces. A large part of the movement in racquetball is side to side so racquetball court shoes are designed to provide superb lateral stability and added cushioning in the forefoot.


Under no circumstance should you ever consider playing racquetball with running shoes. That is a recipe for injuries to your ankle and or knees. Running shoes are designed for the wearer to run straight ahead. Racquetball is a game that is played stop and go and change directions. Running shoes usually have rigid on both the inside and outside part of the shoe. If you land on the rigid your ankle or knee can very easily be severely injured.  


If you must wear a shoe that is not an indoor court shoe then wear a cross-training shoe which is less dangerous then a running shoe. Anybody that’s plays racquetball a few times a month should definitely invest in a good racquetball court shoe. 


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I wear Prince Men's NFS V Indoor Squash Shoe by Prince.

 I love this shoe. It's comfortable and light. It also has very good traction on the court.Court Shoe