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Prescription racquetball glassesPrescription Goggles: 

Playing with prescription glasses sometimes can pose a problem. If you use the sanction eyeglass cover, it is bulky and sometimes problematic.

The Best Solution is to buy prescription sports glasses/goggles.

You can get prescription sports glasses that are specifically design and are sanction for racquetball/squash. Please make sure that you order ASTM F-803 certified eye wear. The glasses/goggles are specifically made to protect your eyes from the impact of the ball and racquet. Click here to see the selection.


There is a limited time offer(upto 50% and free shipping) on certain eye wear. Please check the website for details.

Just click on either the highlighted area or the picture above. You will be taken to the information on the discount. You will have to put in racquetball/Squash goggles in the search field which is on the upper right hand side.