Racquetball Today

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Court Etiquette:

Court etiquette ranges from the polite, be on time, to the potentially injurious, walking onto a court before knocking.

The polite rules of court etiquette we will not discuss.  

For prevention of injury, please keep these court etiquette scenarios in mind: 

1) Never walk onto a court without getting acknowledgment from the players on the court that you are coming in. (You do not want a player on the court to run into the door. It could just your luck that a shot is hit towards the door as you open it.) 

2) Never swing at a ball if you believe that you may hit another player. Other than getting hit in an unprotected eye with the ball, getting hit with the ball will not injury you. It may not even hurt. Getting hit with the racquet will hurt and depending upon how hard it is swung may injure you. Please never swing if you aren't sure that you are cleared. Just call a hinder. The swing includes your backswing, forehand and backhand. Depending on the number of players on the court you may have to adjust your swing. You might not be able to have a big backswing because you are in traffic. Either call a hinder or, if you are able to, adjust your swing so that you don’t hit another player. 


The girls in this video were living dangerously. She escape without major injury But there were 3 things that they did wrong. See bottom if you can't guess them.

3) Call service faults quickly. You call them quickly so that the server or someone on the serving team is not hit with a racquet or ball because they know that it is a fault serve but the returning player is playing the ball. The server doesn’t move as expected and is hit with either the ball or racquet. 

4) Move out of the way of the ball. Don't try to cover a bad shot by not moving out of the way. If this happens too many times in a competitive game it may frustate the person you are playing and he/she may try to hit balls that are too close to you. Your chances of getting hit by the racquet or ball dramatically increase. Your chance of injury dramatically increases.

5) Never play without the nylon on the racquetball racquet being attached to your wrist. If the racquet slips out of your hand then anyone on the court is in danger of being hit and seriously injured.


The three things errors:

  1. No eye protection(almost got hit in the eye with the racquet)
  2. Nylon on racquet not around wrist
  3. Swung without having room for backswing(hit friend in face)